In-school and After-school Programs

African Dance and Culture in Schools
Diadie Bathily’s African dance program introduces students to the basic movement of West African dance. Through African dance, elementary, middle and high school students increase physical fitness, improve coordination and concentration, and build an understanding of African culture. Mr. Bathily teaches during regular physical education classes and in after school programs.

Mr. Bathily teaches basic West African dances, African geography and language, and African culture. At the end of the program, students have learned several authentic African dances, have gained a grade-appropriate understanding of West Africa, and have learned some of the languages and customs of Mali and Ivory Coast.Afriky Lolo teaches education programs in primary and secondary schools across the region. To date, Diadie has taught in school and/or after school programs at:

  1. Clayton elementary and middle schools
  2. Ladue Middle School
  3. St. Cecilia’s
  4. The Cathedral School
  5. Fanning Middle School
  6. Reformed Jewish Academy
  7. The Learning Tree
  8. Old Bonhomme
  9. Hixon Middle School
  10. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
  11. Grace Lutheran School

In addition, school performances with company founder DiadiƩ Bathily and his dance companies Afriky Lolo and Yele are available upon request. Along with the dynamic movement of West African dance, these events include lessons on history, geography and language, and incorporate storytelling that is bound to captivate the imaginative minds of children.

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