Afriky Lolo offers workshops as a unique opportunity to share diverse African styles and teachings with the St. Louis community. Workshops offer a one-time intensive study for current dances and others who want to experience the diversity and richness of African dance, drumming, song and culture in an authentic way. Along with artistic director Diadie Bathily, Afriky Lolo invites master dancers and drummers from Africa, such as Julien Banbinga originally from Congo and Djeneba Sako from Mail, to participate in workshops as a way to expose our community, most of who will never get to go to Africa, to the different countries, cultures and dances that make up this rich continent.

Workshops are offered by Diadie Bathily in collaboration with his African colleagues. To date, Bathily has given workshops to:

  1. Washington University
  2. University of Missouri at St. Louis
  3. Blue Shout
  4. Wyman Youth Center
  5. The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis
  6. Boy Scouts of America
  7. Viva Vox

To book a workshop for your school, university or community organization, please email us or contact us by phone at 314-522-6308.