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Diádié Bathily is available as a guest choreographer to your school, dance company or individual production. Diádié has provided choreography around the world and he is considered a master of West African dance. Contact Diádié now for excellent West African choreography.

Past work

Amazons of Bénin photos

Amazons of Bénin, West Africa tells the story of the Dahomey Amazons, an all-female regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey (now Bénin), West Africa, through a combination of dances from the Malinké and Fon ethnic groups. Founded in the late 17th-century, the Dahomey Amazons remained active for roughly 200 years and were actually given their name by Western observers and historians due to their striking similarities to the Amazons of Greek myth.


Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa; the Maasai are among the tallest people in Africa.

Red symbolizes the volcano, blood, warriors, danger and bravery.

The Maasai believe that each person is sent a guardian Spirit, give to them during the birth ceremony. In this choreography, the Maasai implore their guardian Spirits to keep Kilimanjaro inactive for many generations – which will maintain peace in their territory, and in the world.

This dramatic, energetic piece features a stunning blend of both traditional and contemporary West and East African movement. It is a masterful composition, profoundly influenced by Africa’s powerful primeval forces.

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